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Dear Congress & President Obama:

The housing sector is enduring the longest and most severe downturn in modern history. This downturn has triggered unprecedented reductions in the value of homes throughout the country, and decimated the housing industry. Until the housing sector is stabilized, the national economy will continue to struggle.

Recently, there has been discussion in Washington about limiting - or even eliminating altogether - the Mortgage Interest Deduction. Given the state of housing and our economy, this is exactly the wrong approach at the worst possible time. Our economic recovery depends on rebuilding consumer confidence. Threatening to eliminate the Mortgage Interest Deduction sends the wrong message to potential homebuyers.

As a leader in Washington, I urge you to make it clear to your colleagues and the public that you are committed to rebuilding consumer confidence is the cornerstone for economic recovery; therefore, opposed to any change in the Mortgage Interest Deduction. 



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